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JUNE 20, 2005

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger

Roll call answered by Bennet, Clatonia, Cortland, Crete, Douglas, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Health Department, 911 and Emergency Management

Minutes from the meeting at the Valparaiso fire station read and approved.

Treasurer's report from May and June presented and approved by motion from Southeast 2nd by Firth and Palmyra and Southeast.


Short discussion on the 2006 Mini Fire School for those who weren't present last meeting


Doug will be meeting with the County board tomorrow to ask them to accept the D & D bid on radios. This will be for battery chargers handhelds and mobiles.

Dan Wright says that National Fire Academy enrollment ends on 6/30 for the next semester so he should have the vacancies left open in classes about a month after that.

Phil Nalley says that the audit is coming up in the next month for the Fire Service grant. They would like help paying it from each department. Doug will also bring this up to the County Board since they were going to pay for part of the radio system and didn't have to. Palmyra now has 3 of our 800 radios that they got through a Forest Service grant.

Doug has been looking at Firths Firehouse software reporting program. He thinks a Health and Human service grant might fund these for him to purchase them for us. Doug also got his bid approved for the new Command post.

Bennet has a new 3500 Gallon tanker. Brian Johnson from Waverly wanted to send some comments since he wasn't able to attend. With all the critical incidents they have had recently he wanted to thank everyone for the job they did. He also wanted to says to be sure and get your CISD going as soon as possible so your people get the maximum benefit from it.



Motion to adjourn at 2033

Next Meeting July 18th at Waverly Fire

Fire & Rescue Department

Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid