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JULY 18, 2005

Meeting called to order at 2000 by Vice President Reifschneider

Roll call answered by Crete, Douglas, Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Palmyra. Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Health Department, 911, Starcare 5 and Emergency Management

Minutes from the meeting at the EOC/911 Center read and approved.

Treasurers report read and approved by motion from Douglas second by Southwest


The County Board asked how much the audit will cost. Southwest should have the cost by the end of July and Doug will present it to the County Board.

Brian from Waverly asked if any departments were having radio problems such as static missing pages ETC. Waverly and Eagle are having most of their problems receiving inside. Also getting lots of static on handhelds. Southalt was taken out of service 7/18/05 and will be installed on the new Nextel tower at 68Th and Olive Creek. The tower is supposed to be up in the next 60 days. Greg from the radio shop wants us to keep the radio shop informed of any problems this causes us. SouthTAC has been moved to the Jensen Park tower. Doug has placed the order for handhelds, mobiles and chargers that will be purchased from the 2004 grant. He will bring a list of what each department in Lancaster County will receive to the next meeting.

All people involved in incident response must take the NIMS training and must be complaint by next year. Doug is sending people to the train the trainer class for classroom training. You can also take the class on line. Right now the class we are supposed to take is the IS700 class. You can go to the FEMA website to take this online.


Chuck from Firth says they have received $18,135.24 from FEMA to replace the Norris tower. We need to have the new equipment in place by 11/25/05. At the prices Chuck got it will cost $20,038.94 to replace it with 800 MHz Conventional. $1,903.64 more than what they received a motion was made to pay the extra money out of the Savings certificate not to exceed $2200.00 by Waverly second by Hickman. Passed unanimously.

A discussion was had on billing for standbys and for ambulance transports and fire incidents. Doug is going to make up and mail out a survey to all the Association Departments. Hopefully we will have some feedback by the next meeting.

Jim Densbergers dad Maury Densberger passed away on 7/17/05. Many of you remember that Maury was the Past President of the Association and also the Malcolm Fire Chief. The funeral was on 7/21/05. Several departments brought rigs and many firefighters attended. I think Jim was very moved by the funeral as were all who attended. Lets try to help if Jim needs anything. Jim gives hours and hours of his time to the betterment of our association and to emergency services in Lancaster County as did his father. I'm not sure we can ever do enough to repay them.


Motion to adjourn at 2122


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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid