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NOVEMBER 21, 2005

Meeting called to order at 2000 by Vice President Reifschneider

Roll call answered by Ceresco, Crete, Hallam, Palmyra, Pleasantdale, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Health Department, 911 NE Forest Service and Emergency Management

Minutes from the meeting at the Health Department read and approved.

Treasurerís report given for September and October. Motion to approve by Waverly second by Pleasant Dale.

Phil Nalley from Southwest has attended the EMS billing meetings with LFR. Need to get representatives from all districts to put in input. There was some talk of forming an EMS committee to represent the larger group. Please bring list of your officers to the January meeting we want to update the Mutual Aid officers list.

Jeremy Schwarz from LSO attended the meeting and made a presentation on the education they could give us on Meth Labs and other crime scenes they work with us on. They would be more than willing to give training classes on any of these and would be able to give the classes in the evening or weekends to accommodate our schedules. Dan Huse from the Health Department brought more PPE kits to hand out. Brian Johnson from waverly is stepping down as their Fire Chief to take the position of the Waverly Emergency Manager. Aaron Hummel is taking over as the new Fire Chief. Brian is also looking for any current SOGís or SOPís we may be using. He would appreciate a copy if you are willing to share. Crete has received funding to build a burnable training tower. It would be available for Mutual Aid use. The Health department has hired a new person that will be working as a Hazmat responder. Jim Newman. He will be responding on his own sometime in the spring. Eric Rasmussen says that all departments must be NIMS compliant to qualify for cost share dollars. Eric also said that your NSVFA dues need to be paid by January 1st to receive the Fire School discount. The Firefighters is museum is asking each department in the state to hold a fund raiser. They have a goal of raising $4,000,000.00. They will be coming around the state to make presentations. Eric also announced he is the new Vice President of the Nebraska Fire Chiefs Association. Congratulations !


CALLS Meeting adjourned at 2049

***Next meeting January 16th at the Pleasant Dale Fire Station 2000 HRS***

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid