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JANUARY 16, 2006

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger
Roll call answered by Crete, Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasantdale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Valparaiso, Health Department, 911 NE Forest Service, Star Care and Emergency Management Minutes from the meeting at the Ceresco Fire Station read and approved.
Treasurerís report for November presented and approved. Motion to come up with an addtíl $391.57 to pay the total cost of the new repeater presented by Hickman 2nd by Eagle. Motion carried unanimously. Will also on the advice of Dan Huse ask the Metropolitan Medical response system for this money as he thought it would be approved. Will get back to the membership on this.

The radio shop says that Nextel has the tower up at 68th/Olive creek and the building is just about done. Everything should be ready in a month or so. There have been some scattered paging problems. Hopefully getting the tower up will help with these. Hallam says a lot of their problems have been with the pagers themselves. Adams Fire and Rescue attended our meeting and asked if they could purchase some of our 800 MHz radios to enable them to communicate with the LFR Paramedics easier. This was approved and Doug Ahlberg said he had a mobile that had been purchased through our 2004 funds that he would like to give to Adams to use

The Radio shop says that the bids for the 70th/Bluff tower are out. Construction should start around 2/1/06. Phil Nalley brought up that if you turn in pagers or radios for repair make sure to record the serial number as it may come back with a different case. Raymond asked if the LFR Paramedic units could call them when they arrive on scene and let them know when they are there. As a group the all the departments would like the response code given when they are dispatched "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie ETC". Doug has arranged for NIMS classroom training in February. 2/1 will be IS100 2/8 will be IS 200 and 2/15 will be IS700. These will all be repeated in March the 1st Wednesday IS100 the 2ne Wednesday IS200 and the third Wednesday IS700. The location will depend on how many participants there are. The classes are locked in for the Mini Fire School on 4/8/06. The Airguard came and made a presentation on the upcoming air show on Sept 23rd and Sept 24th 2006. There will be several parts to the show The Tora Tora Tora reenactment the Armyís Black Knights parachute team and the Navyís Blue Angels. The gates will open at 0930 each day and the show will start at 1100. There will be some tabletop exercises between now and then and possibly a functional exercise in August before the show. They are most worried about a 5 mile bubble around the airport where the show will take place being where an accident might happen. Captain Joe Lefler from the Sheriffs Department also came to speak with us. There have been some concerns with a person impersonating a Deputy in the North part of the county and a couple of our firefighters have been pulled over. The vehicle supposedly involved may have had a light bar on it. The Deputies arenít trying to single us out they are just doing what they have been asked to do and if they think something is suspicious the pull some one over. If we all work together hopefully this person will be caught. Palmyra will have the State Patrol mobile command post at the March meeting



Meeting adjourned at 2130

***Next meeting February 20th at the SCC/LFR Classroom 2000 HRS***
**Mini Fireschool committee meeting 1900 2/20/06 same location if you are on the committee please attend**

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