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JUNE 19, 2006

Meeting called to order at 2001 by President Densberger

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Douglas, Eagle, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Health Department, 911 , and Emergency Management Minutes from the meeting at the Firth Fire Panama Station read and approved. Treasurerís report for read and approved.

Dan Wright still has some AFFF left if anyone is interested. The Nextel tower is up and running with Southalt. Doug has put in for grant money for two GPS units per Lancaster County department.

Any legislative issues you would like addressed by the NSVFA let Eric Rasmussen know by the next meeting. The NSVFA convention will be in York this year. Eric also asked about ideas for new classes for fire school. Both IS 300 and 400 were brought up as well as large vehicle extrication. Dan from the Health department brought township maps with hydrant locations on them to distribute to each department. Southtac is still on the Jensen Park tower. Pete from the radio shop wanted to check with us before moving it. He will run tests with us to decide if we want it to stay at Jensen Park or move to the Nextel tower. The Health Department gave a presentation on pandemic flu. I will be the contact person for the Mutual Aid for pandemic planning. I will be sending out a questionnaire soon as to if we want to modify our responses if a flu outbreak occurs.


CALLS Meeting adjourned at 2033

***Next meeting July 17th at the Health Department 2000 HRS please note this is a change***

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