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AUGUST 21, 2006

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Valparaiso, Health Department, 911, Red Cross, and Emergency Management.

Minutes from the meeting at the Health Department read and approved.

Treasurer's report read and approved.

Dan Wright talked about contacting LFR Medic units. They would like to be contacted by radio on the appropriate channel on scene or enroute. Dan would like to see a system wide protocol for communications with the Medic units. He also brought up supply exchange with the Medic units. They would like us to contact the driver when we exchange equipment so they know what is being exchanged. Doug thought the county air show drill went well with good information exchange between all involved. Hallam is having some problems receiving on South. Their paging has been hit and miss also. Ray from the radio shop will have it looked into. Ron Erikson updated us on the fish kill in Salt Creek. They believe about 50 gallons of anhydrous was spilled into the creek causing the fish kill.

The State Fire marshal's office has ordered some 800 MHZ portable radios and has asked permission to put in our frequencies. A motion was made by Southwest to let them do this. This was seconded by Firth. Passed unanimously. Doug Ahlberg's new Administrative Assistant Patty attended our meeting. The bill for the audit of the Grants is on the County Boards agenda for their meeting on 8/22/06. NEMA is now running the MMRS funds They have frozen all the funds as of now. There will be a meeting in the Mayors office on 8/22/06 to try and resolve this. Doug should know by the end of August about the 2006 DHS funds. The nine departments getting mobile repeaters need to contact D & D about what frequencies you want in them. Doug is sending out a letter to each Mutual Aid department so they can confirm they are NIMS compliant. These must be returned to Doug so you can be eligible for any grant money or benefits from it. These must be returned by September 16th. The 300 and 400 NIMS that must be taken by the Chiefs are not required until next September. Pat Borer from LFR will have a train the trainer class in September for these. A tiered response on county all calls was brought up for the County all call in the LEOP. Emergency Management has just completed the 2007 LEOP and said it will be easy to make changes to add this. All mutual aid departments will receive a copy of the LEOP.

People from the Health Department Air quality attended the meeting for a question and answer session. Seemed to be more than willing to work with us. Ray from the radio shop brought up the 800 MHz rebanding. They are working with D & D on this and nothing will happen until October at the earliest. Eric Rasmussen spoke about a couple of legislative things the NSVFA is looking at. One is to remove liability from donating equipment to another department and another is a potential tax rebate to Volunteer Firefighters. The NSVFA is looking at having an open house for legislators in the Lincoln area. The NSVFA convention is in York this year. Scott Zager from the Red Cross came and spoke about the services they have available.


CALLS Meeting adjourned at 2129

***Next meeting September 18th at the Bennet Fire station 2000 HRS***

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