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SEPTEMBER 18, 2006

Meeting called to order at 2005 by President Densberger

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete Eagle, Firth, Hallam , Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Health Department, 911 , Forest Service and Emergency Management Minutes from the meeting at the SCC/LFR Classroom read and approved.

Treasurer's report for read and approved .

South radio and paging hasn?t improved. Ray from the radio shop will check and update us. Proposed communication guidelines with LFR and interdepartmental presented by Vice President Reifschneider. Motion to approve by Waverly and seconded by Raymond. Passed unanimously. I will include copies to all with the next newsletter. Departments that haven?t still need to get repeater information to D & D.

Phil from Southwest says that the fee for the audit was taken to the County board. The County Attorney told the County Board that the Board couldn?t pay the audit fee. Southwest has went ahead and paid for the audit. It was agreed that they would bill each department for their portion of the audit. This comes to approximately $410.00 per department. Southwest will take care of mailing bills out to each department. Doug Ahlberg says Lancaster County will receive a portion of the money given to an 11 county region for Homeland Security. He also says he still needs 4 departments to return their compliance letters for NIMS or they won?t receive any grant money. Casey Mccoy the new Fire Training Manager for the Forest Service attended the meeting with Eric Rasmussen. Eric has been sending out legislative updates by email. I will try to forward these when I receive them.


CALLS Meeting adjourned at 2055

***Next meeting October 16th at LFR Station 14 2000 HRS***

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid