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OCTOBER 16, 2006

Meeting called to order at 2000 by Vice President Reifschneider.

Roll call answered by Crete Eagle, Firth, Hallam , Lincoln, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Waverly, Health Department, 911 , Forest Service and Emergency Management

Minutes from the meeting at the Bennet Fire Station read and approved.

Treasurer?s report read and approved.

The radio shop has been driving around the south half of the county. Has found lots of dead spots in the radio coverage. They would like to move paging to the Hallam power plant to test coverage. If this works for all the south departments south paging may be moved to the Hallam power plant. Doug from D & D brought spreadsheets for the frequencies to go on the mobile repeaters. He would like us to take the spreadsheets to our departments for review and get back to him. Doug can be contacted at 466-8188 or by fax at 466-8232.

Highway 79 northbound is closed Raymond suggests using 14th or NW 27th if you need to get north. Doug has received word on the Homeland Security grant. The bulk of the money will be going to a regional communications system. We only received $3,000.00 for a radio in the Emergency Management command post.. Doug says he will buy the radio for the command post with his money and use the $3,000.00 to buy each department a GPS unit. He says $385,000.00 is going to the regional communications system. Doug brought a copy of the Emergency Management incident checklist that is NIMS compliant for each department.

Eric Rasmussen reported that the NSVFA is supporting a bill that will result in Tax exemption for volunteers and also a bill to remove liability for donating used gear and equipment to other departments. He says tentatively there will be a meet the senator?s day for the newly elected State Senators on 1/17/07 from 0730-0900 at the capitol.

Denise Bolling who did a study on the Hallam tornado was invited by the Health department to present her results. John Falgione from the Fire Marshals office attended the meeting to let us know he is making a bid to become the State Fire Marshal. Southeast made a motion for the Mutual Aid association to support John for the position. That was seconded by Hallam. The motion passed with one abstention. 911 will be sending a CD Rom for each department to the next meeting of the latest version of the County map pages. I will also be bringing the information that 911 has on each department?s officers to the meeting for everyone to update with changes. We will update 911?s list in the Cad and I will also put the finishing touches on my latest version of the Officers list.


CALLS Meeting adjourned at 2058

***Next meeting November 20th at Southwest Station 1 Folsom/Burnham 2000 HRS***

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid