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February 19, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 2005 by President Densberger.

Roll call was answered by: Bennet, Crete, Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Raymond, Southeast, Star Care, Emergency Management, Health Department, and 911 . Minutes from the meeting at the Alvo Fire Station were read and approved. The Treasurer's reports from January and February was read and approved .

The need for radios was checked on to see if any one needed anymore to be applied for in the 2007 Homeland security grant. Crete has purchased some GPS units and will let us know how the work out for giving Lat/Longs to Starcare. Eric Rasmussen also says the NE forest service reports has started asking for Lat/Longs on it. He also said that GPS systems to be used for Fire Service uses would be something that could be applied for on the Forest Service fire grant.

Eric Rasmussen says that all departments should be receiving the Fire school registration book. Doug Ahlberg says we are looking at having to be compliant with NIMS 300 and 400 by the end of September or the beginning of October of 2007. These are 12 hour classes and will be required for chief Officers. Doug will be starting classes for these in April or May and will try to have one Saturday a month for 300 and one for 400. Doug also has 2 available 18 camper pull type trailers. There are more of these available from Federal surplus that were to be used for Katrina setting in Arkansas. The are available for $2500.00 plus shipping and must be purchased by local governmental units. If interested contact Brad at Federal surplus. Doug has his phone #. Doug also has 4 new triage trailers. One is in Bennet the other in Crete. Doug would like to house the other 2 at north departments.



Meeting adjourned 2138

***Next meeting March 19, Crete Fire station 20:00 HRS.***

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