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April 15, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 2005 by President Densberger. Roll call was answered by: Bennet, Crete, Firth, Lincoln ,Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasantdale, Southeast, Emergency Management, Health Department Nebraska State Fire Marshal and 911 Minutes from the meeting at the Eagle Fire Station read and approved. The Treasurer's report was read and approved .

The agreement is in place and the tower crew will install the equipment on the Hallam power plant per Pete from the radio shop.

Bennet has been having some problems receiving pages. The Radio Shop will look into it. Todd Beam from LPD came to talk about a county wide drill to test our ability to communicate between agencies, LPD and LFR, LFR and Rural, Rural and LSO ETC. Itís called a Tactical Interoperability Communications plan. TICP for short. The drill will be held on 5/23/07 from 1630 to 1900. They would like as many Rural agencies as possible to participate. Even if only someone getting on the radio and simulating a response. Letters have been sent out. I hope to see as many of you as possible there. Todd and the Radio shop have also been working on a program called Network First. It deals with set up different links between departments such as Malcolm and Garland or Southwest and Crete. They would like to know what would be of value to us. We Said goodbye to Dan Huse from the Health Department tonight. Dan will be moving to Colorado and getting married. We wish Dan the best of luck ! Dan has been a good friend and an invaluable resource for the association in his work with MMRS and for all the equipment he has obtained for us. He will be missed !



Meeting adjourned 2059

***Next meeting May 21st Crete Fire Station 20:00 HRS.***

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