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Malcolm Fire Statiom
June 18, 2007

Meeting was called to order at 2001 By President Densberger. Roll call was answered by: Bennet,Clatonia, Cortland Eagle, Firth, Hallam, Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra,Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Health Department Nebraska State Fire Marshal , Emergency Management and 911 Minutes from the meeting at the Crete Fire Station read and approved The Treasurer's report was read and approved .

Palmyra needs more registrations for their FF 1 Class. Eric Rasmussen said that LB244 the First Responder transport bill didnít pass. It will be back next session. The NE Fire Chiefs Association isnít in favor of the bill even with the amendments

The Ticp excercise was discussed. There were some communications problems between the Mutual Aid units participating and the dispatchers. Most of this was due to dispatch being ran from dougs console in the EOC rather than the 911 center. There was only one fire dispatcher this way and she worked her tail off. Had this been a real event obviously communications wouldíve worked much better between LFR and the Mutual Aid units. There was a long discussion of what to do about ambulance transport by LFR in the county. Many departments were upset about being presented a bill by LFR for calls in the departments areas that LFR isnít able to either bill or collect on. (dry runs ETC). Dan Wright attended the meeting to explain LFRís position on this. He also said the if we wanted to contract with someone else for transport that was an option. Some departments are having meetings with Midwest Medical. Joe Uridil the Manager of Midwest here in Lincoln also attended the meeting to try and answer any questions we had. There are some issues to be worked out communications wise with 911 if you decided to go with Midwest. Ron Erikson from the Health Department spoke about some of the problems our departments are having with them over training burns getting burn permits from them. They would like to work with us as much as possible to minimize conflicts. The Radio shop has submitted a proposal tobuild a regional anchor tower to aid in the inter operability of the regional radio systems in either southern Lancaster or northern Gage county.


CALLS Meeting adjourned 2211


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