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May 19, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 20:08.

Roll call was answered by: Malcolm, Pleasant Dale, Lincoln, Southwest, Palmyra, Crete, Bennet, Hickman, Firth, 911 center, State Fire Marshall, Health Department, and Emergency Management. Minutes from April meeting were read and approved.

No Treasurers report.

A member from the Red Cross was here to remind us that the Red Cross is available with canteen approximetly 1 hour response time in Lancaster County and approximetly 1 ½ hour for out of county response. They also have hot meals available if they have timely notice for the request. Phil Nalley from Southwest Rural Fire & Rescue submitted a letter to the 911 center asking dispatch to add the map page and subdivision to all their dispatches. Dispatch then asked if all the departments would also like to be dispatched with the same information. After some discussion a motion was made to add map page and subdivision to all rural dispatches in the 911 service area. Motion by Hickman second by Pleasant Dale motion carried. Training’s per Doug Ahlberg to remember. June 28 TICP table top exercise at the Hallam auditorium at 9:00 am. Sometime in August the hospitals would like to test MCI by having two bus accidents one in the north ½ and one in the south ½ of the county on a Saturday possibly at Malcolm and at Norris.

Some discussion on RFP. A motion was made to make the Lancaster County Mutual-aid EMS committee a branch of the Mutual-aid to handle EMS issues and direction and over sight in regards to EMS. Motion carried.


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