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September 21, 2008

Meeting was called to order at 20:00 by VP Reifschneider

Roll call was answered by: Bennet, Cortland, Crete, Firth, Hickman, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, Health Dept., 911 Starcare Forest Service and Emergency Management

Minutes from August Meeting read and approved.

Treasurers report read and approved, motion by Bennet second by Palmyra.

The South tower seems to be working ok for now. All of Otoe county is on the 400 paging system now.

The Health department has new pagers. If you canít get ahold of them contact the Health department directly or call 911 to contact them. Southwest is going to hold a firefighter survival RIT class it will be on OCT 9 evening the 11th all day and the 14th and the 25th at the structure they have to use. Phil also said they are sending out vehicle extrication packets to all departments for a class. He says Holmatro and others will bringing all sorts of new equipment to use. Southwest has 20 cars and buses to tear up for the classes. Phil was also curious if any other departments have had problems with the State Patrol at accident scenes. He would like to know if this happens. NEMA and FEMA have placed Lancaster county in a region with 12 other counties. A 300 ft tower is going to be built in Cortland to aid in interoperability between counties communications with money received from a grant. The grant totals $ 2,700,000.00 roughly. The remainder of the grant will be used for Mobile Data Terminals. Its a possibility some of these will go in rural fire vehicles. Homeland security has also given a $ 754,000.00 grant for the same. Doug Ahlberg is the point of contact for this grant. He has a meeting on 9/22/08 for this. Homeland security has requested that all equipment of each department by typed to know if our equipment is deployable resources for a major disaster. Doug will explain what they want in his letter. Doug has also reorganized the decon trailers. Southwest will be taking over manning the trailer at BLGH west , Southeast will take over manning the trailer at BLGH east and Waverly the trailer at St. Elizabeth. Doug has ordered 9 portable emergency ahead signs for us. The emergency vests required by DOT are available from Danko for $14.00 apiece with your department name on the back for an extra $1.50

Greg Hall is working on the charter for the EMS committee. Seward county isnít going with the contract. Greg says attachments A & C are changing because of this. He has had four contracts signed and returned. Four are signed and not back yet. If you need hard copies of the contract Greg can get them for you. The county board would like quarterly reports of the responses for LFR into the county.



Meeting adjourned at 2100

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid