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January 19,2009

Meeting called to order at 20:00 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Bennet, Crete, Douglas, Firth, Greenwood, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Malcolm, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Emergency Management, Health department and 911.

Minutes read and approved.

No Treasurers report until next month.

Crete has sent out a flyer for bids on their old quick response truck for March. See their website for details. The legislative breakfast will be held on1/20/09. There are several bills of interest including LB92. The letter to LFR will ask them to come to however the dispatched departments assigned channel for contact when dispatched. Tim Linke from Southwest would like to be on the 911 users committee. The committee meets every 2nd Friday of the month. A motion was made by Crete to appoint Tim to represent and report to mutual aid on the users committee. 2nd by Hallam. Passed unanimously with no discussion. Tim will also draft the letter to LFR regarding contacting us on the proper channel. Ray from the radio shop is looking to see if they can turn down the call letter transmitters on the frequencies. He thinks it is set at minimum now.

John Vernon the past Chief of Dorchester has passed away. Southwest will be having a vehicle extrication seminar in April of 2009. See Phil Nalley for details. Doug needs NIMS info from all departments will send letters to the chiefs. Some chiefs still need to take the 300 and 400 level classes. These will be 2 day classes no one wants to do a marathon class again. Eric Rasmussen says that ground was broken in December for the new State Firefighters museum. they are looking to open in August.

Greg says the mayor has signed the order. We are working on the first payment and contract. Get reports to Greg. He will meet with Dan Wright to see where we go from here. You can contact Greg with any problems on this. Give any ideas to Greg on improvement. The County Commissioners picked up a portion of the funding for this year. That may not happen again.


CALLS Motion to adjourn at 2034.

***Next meeting February 16th at the SCC/LFR class room 20:00***

I apologize for my lateness in getting out the newsletter the last 2 months. I had minor surgery in January and my father was diagnosed with a Brain tumor as well. I am healed and his outlook is good so things should be back to normal and I will get out next month in a more timely fashion.
- Steve

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