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February 16, 2009

Meeting was called to order at 2000 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by : Bennet, Cortland, Crete, Douglas, Firth, Hickman, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Health Department, 911 and Emergency Management.

Minutes from January read and approved.

Treasurers report read and approved.

Otoe county is partially up on their new 400 MHZ frequencies. There was a good turnout for the legislative breakfast at the capitol. 27 out of 49 Senators attended. One of things being considered is a raise of the term limits to 3 consecutive terms. The NSVFA is looking at 24 bills, the specialty license plates, the slow down and move over bill, one to give levy power back to fire district boards , the safe cigarette bill , letting volunteers participate in the state health insurance and a possible $500.00 tax benefit for volunteers. Also being looked at are LB 522 and LB 523 on users funds and how they are collected and also how audits take place. A bill today treat arson dogs as commissioned law enforcement officers and harm them in the line of duty is being looked at.

It was discussed bringing issues to the mutual aid meetings to be presented such as communications, EMS response with LFR ETC. Contact Jim Densberger, Tim Linke , Dan Wright or Lindsey Scheer. Jimís email is, Danís is and Lindseyís is I donít have Tim Linkes so I will get it for the next newsletter. Jim is going to get our vehicle numbers system to LFR so they know what their getting when the talk to us or mutual aid us. Lynn Reifschneider talked to Doug Ahlberg about ID cards for us. We would like to have county wide uniformity. The Fire school registration books are out. There are some changes this year. There will be no vendors on Sunday this year and no registration pickup before Friday morning. There will be about 30 classes being held this year.

Second quarter invoices are out and due back. Looking to do dome QA to see if there are problems. Greg will have samples next meeting. Negotiations on next years contract are underway. Contact 911 with your back up agencies for EMS if your primary canít respond.



Meeting adjourned 2049


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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid