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Malcolm Fire Station
March 16, 2009

Meeting called to order at 2000 by President Densberger.

Roll call answered by Cortland, Firth, Lincoln, Malcolm, Palmyra, Pleasant Dale, Raymond Southeast, Emergency Management, Health Dept, Star Care and Red Cross

Minutes approved with corrections to Lincoln Email addresses and Tim Linke’s Email is

Treasurers report read and approved.

Discussion about the EMS committee. Dan Wright didn’t have ay new information. Jim is working on department numbers.

Need to get registered for fire school. Each department should have received a line of duty death packet from the NSVFA. You need to get a beneficiary form filled out for all members. There are to kept in your stations for use. Eric Rasmussen read the definition of a firefighter for the purpose of the LOD benefit.

Eric says LB515 is in the hopper. This bill may get to the floor. Palmyra had questions about LB522 and LB523. The move over bill has been amended to 4 lane roads and the license plate bill is in question.

There was discussion on the county wide ID badges. There was discussion on expiration dates on the badges. They would like the same except for the individual department logo. We are part of 13 counties for federal money. A 350 ft tower and MDT’s are in the 2008 money. Dan Wright has sent out information on an IS300 class on April 25th

Greg says that the 2nd quarter money is due to be paid.


Meeting adjourned 2058

*** Next meeting 4/20/09 at the LFR USAR facility 2608 Park Blvd 2000 HRS***

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