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January 21, 2013
Air Guard Fire Department

Meeting called to order by President Jim Densberger at 2001 hrs.

Roll call answered by: Air Guard, Bennett, Emergency Management, Firth, Health Dept, Lincoln, Pleasant Dale, Radio Shop, Raymond, Southeast, Southwest, Waverly, 911

Calls - 2012

November minutes read - motion made to approve.

Treasurer's Report
Not available at this time. Phil Nalley and Steve Phillips still need to get together to transfer the funds. Outstanding bill presented for $104.85 from Jim Densberger. Reimbursement requested from the purchase of popcorn for the 911 center at christmas. Motion to approve by LF&R, 2nd by SEFD, approved by all.

General Business
Dr. Kruger the Medical Director for EMSOA stated there are new state medical protocols. NRB's should be used on tramas, patients who are pale or cyanotic. Medical patients should have PSO2 readings of 94-99% and can be accomplished with cannula. In 2012 Dr. Kruger made it to all 17 EMSOA agencies and plans on doing the same in 2013. The hospitals have agreed to an ER Shadowing program. IV placement will not be permitted. If interested in participating please call Pam Randall at SERMC or Jan Shaner at Bryan. SERMC is continuing the monthly TeleHeath Network. The program is free and provides CEU's for participants. Tami Meyers the EMSOA liaison has resigned from her position due to family reasons. EMSOA Board meeting will be next month, February 12, 2013 at 1630 hrs. MEeting will be held at 6th & Valley in Classroom 1.

Justin Apel from Bennet Fire has resiged from the EMSOA Committee as the non-transport representative. Bennet Fire and Firth Fire are discussing who would be willing to take the position and will report back at the February Mutual Aid meeting.

Doug Ahlberg stated the pagers should finally arrive on January 28, 2013. Once the pagers arrive, he will begin calling each fire departmetn to come pick up their 20 pagers. The Lincoln Radio Shop will program the pagers. Pleasant Dale will need to contact Gary Peterson in Seward to program their pagers.

Doug Ahlberg also mentioned that there is a legislative bill currently in the works that provide local vendors a 10-15% adjustment on state and federal contracts. This adjustment will help keep the local dollars spent in Nebraska. Please show your support for this by reaching out to your State Senator and asking them to support this bill.

Southeast fire brough up an issue concerning the Seward 911 nightly testing at 1800 hrs. Recently SEFD was dispatched to a fully involved structure fire and Seward set off the test tones blocking the channel. This has happened several times and needs to be addressed. Doug Ahlberg volunteered to contact Seward and have this discussion and will report back.

Southewest Fire will be hosting the Company Officer Academy on August 17-18, 2013 held at the Lancaster County Event Center. Cheif Rick Lasky and Chief John Salka will be flying in to come teach the 2 day program. This dynamic multi day program is ideal for new company officers and current officers. Currently the costs to hold this program will be $12,000. SWFD is asking for donations so that costs can be held down for all of the attendees. Doug Ahlberg asked if this program could be open to all 13 counties in the Southeast Region. Doug was informed it is open to them. Doug will approach the Southeast Region Governance Board and ask them for the funds to hold this as there is budget dollars already in place for this.

John Porter brought up the issue of the map pages being given during the dispatch. Multiple departmetns have approached him with the request taht these map pages be discontinued as part of the dispatch process. It was discussed that during the verification from dispatch they could give the cross streeet as this seems to be what is asked for from responders. The Lincoln Radio Shop will contact the 911 center to ask them about this and what their thoughts are on this.


Next Meeting
February 18, 2013 at 2000 hrs, SCC/LF&R Classroom.

Meeting Adjourned
2048 hrs.

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Lincoln/Lancaster County Mutual Aid