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2001 News Releases


Date Lincoln Fire & Rescue Announces...
09/30/2001 NE-TF1 New York Misson Complete (89kb)
09/28/2001 NE-TF1 at World Trade Center Site (94kb)
09/27/2001 NE-TF1 in New York (96kb)
09/26/2001 NE-TF1 in New York (96kb)
09/25/2001 NE-TF1 in New York (95kb)
09/20/2001 Thank You From Lincoln Fire & Rescue (748kb)
06/05/2001 Recruit Badge Presentation Ceremony
05/22/2001 "Phoenix Award" Ceremony
05/18/2001 EMS Week Events
05/18/2001 18th Annual Fun Run/Zoo Day
05/18/2001 KidCare I.D. Program
05/18/2001 3rd Annual Battle of the Badges
04/19/2001 Chaplains In-Service Spring Training

 2000 News Releases

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