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Fire Explorer Post #888

House Burn
November 21, 2004


Lincoln Fire, because of air quality standards, cannot burn buildings for training like the rural departments. The explorers have been invited by Waverly, Bennett, Oakland, and Seward, all great experiences for our Explorers. All of these burns are carefully controled by the State Fire Service and we are allowed to control exposure and defensive handlines, and of course help with all of the background activities (shuttleing S.C.B.A. tanks, laying and picking up hose lines, washing and reloading hose etc.) and the Explorers absolutely love it all!

Pictured Left to Right: Bret Desh, Brennan Oliverius, Stuart Lovorn, Captain Lee Peterson, and Ryan West. Photo taken by Bennett Assistant Chief Eldon Schroeder.

House Burn, Bennett, NE, 11/21/04

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Explorer Post #888