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The Family Fire Safety Festivals were started as a result of fire deaths of four young children in 1994.

The Lincoln Fire Department and the Lancaster Chapter of the American Red Cross, joined together to form a coalition to educate low income families in Lincoln, with children at home that were between the ages of birth and six years of age.

A grant was received from the National Red Cross to fund this program in the spring of 1995.

These festivals are scheduled during the summer months. They are scheduled during the dinner hour giving an extra incentive for families to come.

Families are educated about fire safety, in a festive atmosphere. Food and drinks are provided for all that attend.

Carnival type games are played with prizes given out. Fire Safety questions are asked for prizes also. Shrine Circus Clowns help with entertaining the crowds.

Activities included at the events are:

For maximum exposure radio stations did live broadcasts from some of the events, broadcasting live giving fire safety tips for the home and encouraging people to attend the event, or future events. Posters were placed in businesses in the areas where events were to be held. Sites for the festivals included fire stations, schools, community centers, and cultural centers. Where ever there was a possibility of a language barrier, interpreters were on scene and all written material was bilingual. All fliers that were posted, hung door to door, or mailed through utilization of one of the lists, included fire education info such as EDITH drills in the home, match and lighter safety, free smoke detector program, manufactured home fire safety tips (for trailer courts). As well as information about upcoming events.

Coalitions with local businesses and Social Services were formed. With the expiration of the grant a sponsor was needed to fund events, restaurants were utilized to donate food, soft drink companies donated drinks. Social Service lists were used to send educational material, and festival times and dates to the target audience. Additional sources that were used to send educational material, and festival times and dates to the target audience. Additional sources that were used to reach the target groups were, neighborhood association lists were utilized, as well as school lists. Door fliers were hung in some neighborhoods where there was a high density population, as well as trailer courts.

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