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Smoke Alarm and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alarm Program


History of Program
Lincoln Fire & Rescue (LF&R) recognizes that early detection of a fire with the use of a smoke alarm can save lives and property. In 1982 Nebraska passed State Statute 81-5,142 that ensures smoke alarms are installed in any place of residence upon the remodel, sale, or construction of any home in the state of Nebraska. Shortly thereafter in 1984 a program was developed by LF&R to assist citizens of Lincoln by providing them with a smoke alarm to warn residents early in the event of a fire. The program continues today with LF&R providing smoke alarms and installation at no cost to Lincoln residents.

Throughout the last several years LF&R has applied for and received federal, state, and local grants to support the public education program. Through these funding sources thousands of at risk Lincoln residents have benefited from the smoke alarm program that began in 1984. Lincoln Fire & Rescue defines at risk residents as those unable to financially purchase smoke alarms, new residents of the United States, and elderly individuals unable to install smoke alarms. Local partnerships with organizations such as Cedars Youth Services, Malone Community Center, Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Asian Community and Cultural Center, Faces of the Middle East, El Centro De Las Américas, The Salvation Army, Aging Partners, The Center for People in Need, Safe Kids, and Lincoln Public Schools have provided LF&R the opportunity to reach the most at risk residents of Lincoln. Currently, LF&R provides smoke alarms, batteries to power the alarm, and specialized alarms for residents who are deaf and hard of hearing. After a request has been made, an appointment will be scheduled with on-duty personnel to install a new smoke alarm.

Request an Alarm
If you do not have a working smoke alarm in your home and are unable to purchase or install one or need help changing a smoke alarm battery, please fill out the form below. Once received, LF&R will contact you to schedule a convenient time for you to install the alarm. Additionally, LF&R will provide you recommendations on how to properly care for and maintain your new smoke alarm. Items discussed will include cleaning the smoke alarm, performing a monthly test, replacing the battery, and replacing the actual smoke alarm when it reaches the end of its life. Also general fire safety issues may be discussed like a home escape plan (also known as EDITH or Exit Drills in The Home), clear exits, Carbon Monoxide safety, fire extinguishers, and candle use. Generally, LF&R will spend approximately 30 minutes installing and reviewing the information pertaining to the smoke alarm.

***Due to the fact LF&R utilizes on-duty personnel when installing smoke alarms, if an emergency call has been assigned to the rig installing an alarm the installation will be delayed or may need to be rescheduled.***

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