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Smoke Alarm and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Alarm Program


Request an Alarm
To see if you qualify for a free smoke alarm “click” on the link below. If you qualify please fill out and complete the form and submit to Lincoln Fire & Rescue. Once received, LF&R will review the form and contact you to schedule a convenient time for LF&R to complete the requested service. Additionally, LF&R will provide you recommendations on how to properly care for and maintain your new smoke alarm. Items discussed will include cleaning the smoke alarm, performing a monthly test, replacing the battery (if needed), and replacing the actual smoke alarm when it reaches the end of its life (10 years). Fire safety issues may also be discussed such as developing a home escape plan (also known as EDITH or Exit Drills in The Home), clear exits, carbon monoxide safety, fire extinguishers, cooking safety, and candle use. Generally, LF&R will spend approximately 30 minutes installing and reviewing the information pertaining to the smoke alarm. After the smoke alarm is installed you will be required to sign a LF&R Release from Liability form.

Request a Smoke Alarm

***Due to the fact LF&R utilizes on-duty personnel when installing smoke alarms, if an emergency call has been assigned to the rig installing an alarm the installation will be delayed or may need to be rescheduled.***

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