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Day Captain, Daryl Hartley


Day Captain, Daryl Hartley

Daryl Hartley is currently the training captain responsible for EMS curriculum. His career with the department began in 1996 as a firefighter/paramedic. He has received numerous commendations such as a Phoenix Award, Unit Performance Awards, Outstanding Service Award - Preceptor Program. In 2005, he was promoted to day captain - EMS and assigned to the training division.

Daryl attended Creighton University and received his license in paramedicine in 1979. Daryl has been a National Registered paramedic since 1981. Currently, Daryl is an EMS Instructor and CPR Instructor. Daryl is also a member of the NETF-1 Urban Search and Rescue Team in which he holds a technical information specialist position.

Daryl has served on numerous committees and activities including EMS Equipment Committee, EMS Pro Committee, PRIME Committee and Basic Aid Training Program, and Organized Interior Layout of Medic Units.

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