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Lincoln firefighters participated in training on survival skills in 1999. Firefighters reviewed case histories of line-of-duty deaths and applied the classroom presentation to hands-on training for self - and team-rescues. Mayday procedures including radio communications and initial rescue actions were reviewed and rapid intervention concepts were discussed. Training in old houses, when available, provided realistic scenarios and knowledge of building construction features that affect fire fighter survivability. The hands-on training included stations on moving & lifting firefighters, ladder rescues, wall breaches, entanglement hazards, rope and ladder bail outs, through-the-floor and confined area rescues. This non- traditional type of training provided an important focus on the rescue of lost or downed firefighters and the tools and equipment that would be needed in the event of a firefighter emergency on the fireground.

Firefighter Survival Training Firefighter Survival Training Firefighter Survival Training Firefighter Survival Training

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