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On Monday May 7, 2007 at 0845 hrs LF&R was advised by FEMA of a possible request from the state of Kansas for a US&R task force in the aftermath of the F5 tornado that struck Greensburg Kansas. The closest task force was NETF1, approximately 340 miles away. The initial page to all task force members to check for availability was sent out at 0922. NETF1 received a verbal activation order from the FEMA US&R program office at 1027 hours, which resulted in a second page to all pre rostered members of the RED team directing them to report to the logistics center for deployment.

The task force members began arriving at approximately 1145 hrs at which time they were in processed, provided medical screening, and supplies for each members day pack.

A nine person advance team departed the logistics center at approximately 1430 hrs just four hours after the activation order. The purpose of the advance team was to determine a location for the incoming task force to establish the base of operations, meet with local officials to receive work assignments, and to conduct general assessment of the mission. The balance of the task force departed Lincoln at 1515 hrs. The advance team arrived in Greensburg at 2015 hrs, approximately 10 hrs after the activation. The balance of the task force arrived at 2315 hrs.

Due to the fact that the local jurisdiction had limited search to day light operations only, the initial assignment for the task force was to off load all equipment and set up the base of operations (Boo) in an abandon parking lot on the south edge of the city. Boo setup was completed at approximately 0200 on May 8, 2007. The task force was then taken to Mullinsville elementary school, approximately 10 miles West of Greensburg, an area that had not been damaged by the storm. The school would be the assigned sleeping area for the task force.

At approximately 0600 hrs task force members returned to the Boo to be briefed and begin a secondary search of all area's of the city. A methodical search was conducted of 621 city blocks of debris, damaged structures and collapsed building. This effort continued until 1700 each day for two consecutive days.

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