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Canine Deployment to Little Sioux Iowa Tornado


At approximately 0130 hrs on June 12, 2008 the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency contacted NETF1 Program manager John Huff requesting canine resources to assist in the search for missing boy scouts after the tornado struck their camp. A very rapid response was requested by NEMA to supplement local efforts. NEMA also asked for an ETA for search canine. The program manager contacted Steve Dolezal Search Team Manager for NETF1 who contacted Patrick Morrissey, Jim McConnell, Tara Arndt and Mike Agnew. Patrick & Jim were available. The program manager also contacted Rick Klein to begin logistics & travel arrangements via a US&R TF vehicle. Chief Ford was

NEMA stated that this would be an interstate compaq response and NEMA would reimburse NETF1 for the cost for the response. NEMA provided the name of the incident commander which was relayed to the deployment team.

The deployed members of NETF were:

The team was issued NE-1 Suburban w/Fuel Cards, GPS, Handheld Radios, Search Documentation & Forms, Computer w/Wireless Card for email etc, Digital Camera, Flashlights, Batteries, PPE & Safety Equipment, Spare Uniform wear, Task Force Cell Phone, and provided a cooler with Gatorade and water.

Rick Klein & Keith Houfek provided Logistics Support for mobilization personnel.

A 3-person Search component of NETF1 departed the Logistics Center at 0330 hrs enroute with instructions to report to the local area ICP in support of search operations near Little Sioux, IA.

At approximately 0530 hrs NEMA contacted the program manager and advised that the state of Iowa has informed them that the mission is scrubbed as all of the children were accounted for.

The program manager contacted Capt. Dolezal as they were just crossing into Iowa and ended the mission.

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