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World Trade Center Attacks, Sept. 11th


Events of September 18, 2001

The Nebraska Task Force continues to prepare on day eight for their deployment to the World Trade Center. A lot of activity continues in the NE-TF1 Command Post planning, scheduling and preparing for our deployment on September 23rd. Today, September 18th, begins the demobilization process for two task force teams currently at the World Trade Center. Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were the first two teams to arrive at ground zero. In the next several days to come, Ohio, Indiana, California 1, California 6, California 7, and Missouri will be in the process of demobilizing and the rotation will start in bringing on fresh search teams for the task ahead. FEMA has indicated that they will support the New York City Trade Center operation through at least October 6th and maybe longer.

The pace of preparations is now beginning to pick up for NE-TF1. On Wednesday, September 19th at 18:30 hours we will be conducting the In-processing of our personnel scheduled to deploy. This will take place at our logistics center at 2606 Park Blvd. The logistics team will start to build the pallets of equipment to be loaded on aircraft starting tomorrow, the 19th as well. Those personnel that are not able to attend the In-processing on the 19th will be required to complete their in-processing procedures on the afternoon of Saturday, September 22. On Sunday, September 23rd at 0800 hours all task force members will meet at the logistics center to begin assembly for deployment. Family members and friends of the task force team being deployed are welcome to accompany the team to the assembly point. We are asking all personnel to park at the training center at 3rd and South Streets on Sunday and transportation will be provided from that location to the logistician center. When we are ready to be transported to the airport NE-TF1 will provide transportation by bus to the task force members. Due to security issues, it will not be possible for family members to accompany the task force team to the airport.

For this deployment Lincoln Fire & Rescue and NE-TF1 are working hard to provide accurate and up-to-date information to the family members of those members being deployed. A family packet will be provided to each task force member with pertinent information on how to receive daily updates, and information on how to contact the task force team member if necessary. Fire Administration has appointed two Deputy Chiefs and a task force member spouse has volunteered to assist with this project.

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September 11, 2001