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World Trade Center Attacks, Sept. 11th


Events of September 19, 2001

Today, NE-TF1 received information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that our team would be rescheduled for deployment to occur on Sept. 28th., 2001. Currently there are twelve teams at the New York World Trade Center site, and coordination of aircraft for demobilization is becoming a difficult issue given the status of what is happening in our world today.

We have notified our team today and informed them of the changes and we have begun to plan for our departure next Friday the 28th.

Plans have begun to reconfirm the Task Force Team roster and make any changes necessary in staffing while on alert status.

We will be planning to pelletize our cache next week. Pallet process has been a problem for our logs personnel because of the uncertainty of the aircraft assigned for our deployment. As you all know the pallet plan must be specific to the type of aircraft we will be traveling on. We will be working with FEMA to try to firm up that information within the next couple of days. Our logisticians and others have been working hard to prepare for departure and we appreciate all the assistance we have received from them and the many others in the preparations for this mission.

The Task Force Team in-processing is scheduled for next Wednesday Sept. 26th, at 1800 hours. The location will be at the logistics building 2606 Park Blvd.

We are waiting for more information on the assembly phase and when we might expect our aircraft to arrive. Once we have determined the arrival time we will plan the assembly process and let all Task Force Members know when, where, and what time.

We are still confident that FEMA will still deploy our team to assist with this tragedy.

Additional news concerning the tragedy includes: The Firefighters Local 644, Lancaster County Medical Society, Nebraska Emergency Medicine Physician Group from Bryan/LGH East & West, and EMS Inc. all pulled together to sponsor a fund raiser for the victims of New York. As of today their hard work has raised over $30,000.00 to support those in need and is expected to continue to receive money. Many thanks to all who have contributed.

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September 11, 2001