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Reports from the Field
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05/23/13 - 9:23 a.m.
From Eric Jones.
Good morning everyone,

A quick update... Netf1 awoke this morning at the OU campus. We had a good breakfast at the cafeteria. There has been some severe weather north and west of our area.

We received word this morning 0700 that there was a possible tornado and some damage in the area. Apparently there was a collapse in an unoccupied commercial structure.

Due to the weather and the potential of a usar need we drug feet leaving. We left the campus at 08:40 and are en route to Lincoln at this time.

We are currently driving through some rain and are taking our time. I will let you know when we have an idea of what time we will be back. At that time I will work with Chief Huff to get some definitive times for return to work.

Everyone is safe and ready to see their families.

05/22/13 - 4:53 p.m.
From Eric Jones. Netf1 has received it's demobilization orders from the FEMA incident support team. The team was able to support the operation by getting boots on ground in a quick manner to provide an efficient search operation. Mission success.

I am very happy to report that everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. Everyone worked together extremely well. The team exceeded expectations.

We are currently en route back to the OU campus to clean up and have some dinner. This evening we will continue to rehab some of our personal gear. Finally we will get a good nights sleep.

We are scheduled to leave for Lincoln at 8 tomorrow morning and have added an hour for a lunch.

05/22/13 - 3:59 p.m.
From Fire Chief John Huff. I was advised that the US&R TF has been given a demobilization order effective 0800 May 23, 2013. The Task Force has successfully completed all assignments given to them, without injury or incident. We should all be very proud of our team and the work that they executed. Please help me to welcome them home.
05/22/13 - 12:49 p.m.
From Eric Jones. The team is doing great! We had some much needed rest last night at the Oklahoma University dormitory. The accommodations were very nice and everyone is being taken care of very well. We had breakfast this morning as a team at the university cafeteria. Everyone was full. We all agreed that we shouldn't have eaten so much.

The university really rolled out the red carpet for us. The president and his wife met us when we arrived. The football coach shook everyone's hand (seriously) and said a lot of bad stuff about palini. Seriously, they couldn't have been nicer!

Netf1 hit the field early this morning working a large area search adjacent to the area hardest hit. The area is essentially a very large open space with a wooded creek through the middle. There is a lot of debris and the wooded area very thick. Often times we find personal items such as wallets that we turn over to the police.

The weather is rather warm today but nice and sunny. Many of the people are just getting back to their homes so it is very congested with traffic. However, everyone is very hospitable and eager to shake our hand.

We skipped our MRE's for lunch today and had a hot meal prepared for us by Tyson. The docs said ok and I was glad because the guys were giving me that look...

We have about two hours left at this location and are still awaiting word on our next task.

Everyone is in great spirits today and I am moved at how eager the team is to do anything to help. I am really proud of this group.

We have had many media contacts today including 10/11 and channel 7 Omaha. The FEMA PIO is here and working closely with us. The IST has been in and out through the day and have all stated they are very happy with our team.

05/21/13 - 6:08 p.m.
From Eric Jones. Everyone is accounted for and doing fine. Just finished a long day. Assisted with some hr searches to finish the day with tx. Scoped out a few possible work sites and am finding none. Word through ist is that all secondary has been completed. Unknown on any work for tomorrow. Team is staying on ou campus in the dorms tonight. Dinner there as well.
05/21/13 - 3:07 p.m.
From Eric Jones. The team is nearing the end of 24 hours starting with a hurried departure and ending in rainy wet and dirty work. The team has stood up to all of the challenges that it has been given. Everyone though tired is in very good spirits. Everyone is fine and everyone has safety at the forefront of their minds. Everyone wants to help this community in its time of need. I am very proud of our team and of the great job they are doing. All of us look forward to seeing our friends and families very soon.
05/21/13 - 11:28 a.m.
From Eric Jones. Netf1 spent the morning searching the Moore medical complex and surrounding structures. We have finished the area with no finds. This afternoon we are going to liaison with tax-tf1 to cover the residential area just east of the medical center.

IST is functional this afternoon and are working on our lodging. No injuries and everyone is engaged and working hard. Weather is a big factor with a close eye on the radar. Nothing to worry about but lightening occasionally rolls through the area. This causes us to seek refuge until it passes.

05/21/13 - 9:26 a.m.
From Chief Bonin from NETF-1 from the Oklahoma City area. Their first mission is to conduct a hasty search of the Moore Medical Center which at one time was a several story medical complex which has been reduced to a single story pile. They will get started at about 0930 hrs and continue until completed.

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