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The Lincoln Fire Department has continually supported the mission of FEMA and the development of the national Task Force program. NE-TF1 continues to train and prepare for a mission, utilizing every resource available, including excess surplus Federal property procurement, local resources, donations and contributions, and Federal Grant money. The goal of these efforts is to develop and maintain the Task Force personnel and equipment in a constant state of readiness for deployment, as defined by the FEMA program.

In support of FEMA, Task Force Team Members have served as part of the Federal Response as a member of Incident Support Team (IST) and Fast Teams. These Personnel have been utilized for:

Hurricane Emily, 1993
Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995
Hurricane Opal, 1995
Hurricane Bertha, 1996
Atlanta Olympic Standby, 1996
San Juan, Puerto Rico Building Explosion, 1996
DeBruce Grain Sedgwick Kansas, 1998
Hurricane Georges, 1998
Oklahoma & Kansas Tornado's, 1999
New York City, September 24, 2001
Hurricane Katrina 1, September 2005 (1st Deployment)
Hurricane Katrina 2, September 2005 (2nd Deployment)
Presidential Inauguration, 2009
Haiti Earthquake, 2010
Moore, OK Tornado, 2013
Boulder, Co Flooding, 2013

Task Force Team Members participate in FEMA program committee and working groups, and on the program Advisory Committee.

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