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Message from the Fire Chief


Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting LFR. We hope you will find the information you seek, and while you are here, we invite you to browse through these pages to learn more about the City of Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department.

Our mission is simple. Lincoln Fire & Rescue, as members of the community, is a diverse organization of dedicated professionals committed to the ongoing delivery of the highest level of life safety and public services to the citizens, visitors, and surrounding communities, we serve.

At every level of our organization, this mission is carried out with our core values of honesty, integrity, commitment, dedication, teamwork, compassion, and technical skill. In January 2012, we reorganized the command staff of the department to improve our leadership effectiveness. We value honesty in our approach to one another and the community and will demonstrate integrity in the performance of our duties. We value commitment towards always doing what is in the best interest of our citizens and dedicating ourselves to providing the highest level of customer service possible. We value teamwork in our approach towards remaining safe and restoring balance in the lives of others thereby presenting ourselves as industry professionals. Through empathy and compassion, we will serve all people equally and without prejudice making every responsible attempt towards reaching their level of expectation.

We continue to work within the limits of our budget in order to ensure the best response times possible in all areas of the growing city we serve. We have developed a fire station relocation plan due in part to city growth. We are also exploring an alternate response vehicle use. In tight budget times, we continue to offer the best in training and programs, thanks to our ambitious and successful efforts to earn grants.

We place great value on fire and injury prevention strategies through community education. When the worst happens, our first responders challenge themselves to deliver the level of service that over the past 100 years made the City of Lincoln Fire & Rescue Department a national leader.

The heart of our Department remains the people who work here. We strive to be a diverse organization both culturally and ethnically. We draw on that diversity of personnel to pursue innovation in our ideas and practices.

LF&R is proud of the fact that we are one of the first fire departments in the United States to be accredited and reaccredited meeting standards of excellence set by our industry.

Each one of us in the department and those of you, who would seek to join us, has a vital role to play in maintaining and improving the quality of service we provide.

Together, we make the City of Lincoln a safer place to be.

~ John Huff, Fire Chief

Fire & Rescue Department