Permits & Licensing

City ordinance requires any person within the city who owns a dog or cat over six months of age to obtain a license and rabies vaccination for the animal. The court fine for failure to license is $100.00 plus $48.00 court costs per animal. All licenses issued are valid for one year from the date of purchase. Rabies vaccination must be current to purchase a pet license.

To license a new pet or if you have just moved here with an existing pet, please begin by selecting the "Animal License Application" icon below to begin the process.



License Fees

Male or
Female Dog
Male or
Female Cat
Neutered or
Spayed Dog or Cat
Owner under 62 $52.00 $38.00 $21.00
Owner over 62 $32.00 $32.00 $18.00
animal collar with tag

Late Fees

31 days or more after expiration $15.00

Put the tag on your pet's collar! A rabies tag is not a license. An I.D. tag is not enough. With a license we have your pet's number, and we can locate you if it strays or is injured.