Health Data & Evaluation Overview

The Health Data and Evaluation Division is responsible for monitoring health status indicators and conditions in the community, promoting immunization to prevent disease outbreaks, investigating any reportable communicable disease cases, and planning and preparing for potential public health emergencies.

Programs within the Division

  • Receive information from labs, hospitals and physicians about reportable diseases
  • Investigate individual cases, clusters and outbreaks of communicable disease in the community
  • Work with other divisions, local providers and the state to put in place measures to control the spread of disease
  • Utilize active surveillance in the county‚Äôs schools to detect illnesses early
  • Promote immunizations for vaccine preventable diseases
  • Collect, analyze and disseminate health data, including geospatial data
  • Assess the health and resource needs of the community
  • Plan and prepare for the most likely public health emergencies
  • Communicate, coordinate, train and exercise with our community partners
  • Manage grants for building capabilities to respond to disasters and emergency events

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