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Farmers Markets Requirements

There are special rules and fees governing temporary events and establishments. These categories include sidewalk vendors, street fairs, farmers markets, and hot dog stands. Information on the Temporary Events and Establishment webpages, especially about employee health and permits, will also be useful.

  • Farmers Market 8.20 Code

  • This code regulates all aspects of a farmers market. Becoming familiar with this code can make the process of obtaining permits and running the event correctly and safely.
  • Food Safety Guidelines for Farmers Markets

  • This is your source for additional information about planning, scheduling and running a safe and successful event.
  • Food Permit Requirements for Lincoln Farmerís Market Vendors

  • Determine what type of food handler permits are required by checking this list.
  • Farmers Market Permit Application

  • Use this form to apply for a permit to hold or be a vendor at a farmers market.

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