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Food Safety Program
Phone: (402) 441-6280
Fax: (402) 441-6206

Joyce Jensen, Supervisor, REHS, CP-FS

To Report a Foodborne Illness call (402) 441-6280.

The scope and mission of the LLCHD's Food Safety Program.

Online Food Inspections
Search Food Establishment Inspection records online.

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For Additional Information

On-Line Food Handler Training or Responsible Beverage Server Training

Click to get Food Handler Safety Online Training
Obtain a Serve/Clean (SC) Food Handler, Prep/Cook (PC) Food Handler, or Restricted/Shift (RS) Manager permit on-line. Click on the box above to take the on-line food handler training.

Obtain a Responsible Beverage Server permit on-line. Click on the above box to take the on-line beverage server training.

At any time while your permit is still valid, you can print or reprint it at no charge. Log in using your username and password then click on "View Training Dashboard." Select the print option. You can also advance to the next higher food handler permit type by viewing your training dashboard and selecting "Enter" under "Your Available Training."

Food Handler Information
The Food Handler Class Schedule will no longer be mailed out. You can find the information through this link. If you wish to continue to receive a printed copy in the mail, call (402) 441-6280.

Click above for information about the types of food handler permits required in Lincoln and within the three-mile limit. You can also access and print the current food handler class schedule and study notes in English.

Non-English Materials
Information, class schedules, and study sheets in Spanish, Vietmanese, Arabic, and Chinese.
Regulations and Policies
Local, state, and federal food codes.
Hygiene, Health, and Safety
Keep customers and employees healthy, protect a food establishment from safety risks, and reduce foodborne illnesses. Includes information about cleaning up vomit incidents.
Food Establishment Operator Information
Information about plumbing, facilities design, lighting, and waste management.
Food Establishment Manager Information
Contains Manager Memoes, service animals, disaster recovery and control, forms, and other items.
Temporary Establishments, Events, and Farmers' Markets
Information for individuals or organizations that plan to hold temporary events involving food vendors.
Recalls and Alerts
Information and updates on the latest recalls, food safety alerts, and other topics related to foodborne illness outbreaks.
Consumer Information
Keep yourself and your family safe in the home.
Food Safety Team
Find phone numbers and names of the Food Safety Team.

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