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Food Manager Information

Managers will also benefit from the information in the Food Operators Information and the Hygiene, Health, and Safety pages. The topics on these pages provide additional insights and guidance that managers need to know.

  • Food Managers Memos

  • Memos published and mailing along with the Food Talk newsletter.
  • ADA Rules

  • Click here for information about the Americans with Disabilities Act. This act was modified effective March 15, 2011, to redefine service animals. Be sure that your establishment is in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Crime Prevention and Safety Tips
  • Business Watch Newsletters
  • Armed Robbery Prevention

  • Food establishments can be targets of theft and burglary. Learn how to reduce these risks for the security of your investment and the safety of your staff and customers.

  • Crisis Management

  • Disasters such as injury, illness, storms, and fires can strike anyone anywhere. Be prepared and react properly by following these guidelines.

  • Fire Recovery

  • Food can be damaged in many ways in a fire. Water, smoke, and heat damage can make food unsafe to eat. Find out how to protect food and what to do with items after a fire.
  • Food Security Guidance

  • Food tampering can be a problem. This document includes information about how to protect food from criminal or vandal activities.

  • See Something, Report It

  • If you notice suspicious activities, report them to the LLCHD (402) 441-6280 or the FBI. This poster describes the types of behaviors to watch.
  • Screening Interviewing Employees

  • Hire the right person for the job. Laws regulate how to interview potential employees, what to ask, and what not to ask.

  • FDA Employee Health and Personal Hygiene Handbook
  • FDA Conditional Employee and Food Employee Interview Form
  • FDA Conditional Employee or Food Employee Reporting Agreement Form
  • FDA Conditional Employee or Food Employee Medical Referral Form

  • Certain health conditions need to be reported to the LLCHD or other authories. Here are resources for reporting requirements and forms.

  • Employee Illness and Medical Conditions

  • This is a table of illnesses or symptoms that will help a manager determine when employees should be restricted or excluded from work and when they can return to work.
  • Food HandlerPermit Information

  • Properly trained staff reduces the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks in food establishments. The food handler permit is proof that employees have the proper training.

  • Food Handler and Food Manager Permits

  • Since 2009, the LLCHD has issued Food Protection Manager, Restricted/Shift (RS), Prep/Cook (PC), and Serve/Clean (SC) permits. This chart shows how these permits differ to the old permits and what the job responsibilities for each permit are.

  • 100 Percent Food Handler Compliance Required

  • All employees of all Lincoln food establishments must have the current appropriate permit. Find out about this requirement in this link.

  • Food Handler Roster Form

  • The food code requires managers to keep records of employee food handler permits. Using this form ensures you have the correct records when your establishment is inspected.

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