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We can easily reduce the amount and toxicity of waste leaving our homes while at the same time save money. Careful planning can help to avoid the need for many potentially toxic products. Careful shopping will allow us to find products and packaging that can break down harmlessly in the environment, or that can be recycled or reused. Often it is possible to make replacement products for potentially toxic cleaning products from simple ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda.

For example, self-cleaning ovens, roaster bags or simple care in cooking can reduce or eliminate the need for caustic oven cleaners. Much less toxic oven cleaners can be found in many local supermarkets, some in relatively efficient packaging. Common materials, like baking soda, can be used to create alternative oven cleaners.

This program offers the chance to save money, protect our health and harmonize our household ecosystems with that of nature. Many sources of hazardous waste can be replaced with other products that are safer, cheaper, and equally effective. Any hazardous product that must be used can be disposed of in a manner that minimizes harmful effects to the environment.

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