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Dual Application (Neighborhood Association Grant & Community Improvement Grant)

This application is for Neighborhood Associations applying for both a Neighborhood Association Grant and a Community Improvement Grant. Refer to the Guidelines of both grant types for more information about this application.

Association Name: Contact Person:
Phone Number: Email Address:
Mailing Address:
Project Date: Rain Date:

Project Location:

Be as detailed as possible. Include street address, neighborhood, park name, stretch of road or other relevant information.

Project Description:

Provide a brief description of the project. Explain the need for this project, how it benefits the neighborhood, plans for waste disposal, plans for litter pickup, estimated number of participants, partnerships and opportunities for education. Attach additional pages if necessary.

Recycling Plan:

Explain how recycling will be incorporated into the project. Include how recyclable material will be separated from trash and how recyclables will be disposed of.

Trash Bags  Work Gloves  Safety Vests  Extended Reach Tools  Bag Ringers 
Identify the type of equipment needed from KLLCB for this project. Descriptions of these items can be found here.

Cleanup costs must be estimated below and approved in advance of the project. Expenses not listed on this application will be the responsibility of the Neighborhood Association. If actual expenses exceed estimated expenses KLLCB will work with the Neighborhood Association to reimburse the additional expenses (decisions are based on available funding). For a list of approved expenses see the Neighborhood Association Grant Guidelines.
Item Estimated Cost Quantity Total
Subtotal Expensive
Donations and In-Kind (Vehicle fuel, pickups & trailers, tools, refreshments, sponsorship, advertising, etc.)
Item Estimated Cost Quantity Total
Subtotal Donations
Total Budget (Expenses + Donations)

By checking this box you confirm that you have read and understood the Neighborhood Association Grant Guidelines and agree to comply with all requirements. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Thank you for keeping our community clean, healthy and safe!
Funding for this program is provided by the City of Lincoln

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