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Fireworks Debris Prevention

With the 4th of July fast approaching, Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful (KLLCB) asks community members to consider the less glamorous side of this popular holiday - the cleanup. Every year following Independence Day the streets of Lincoln and other communities in Lancaster County are littered with fireworks debris. This summer KLLCB is working with community partners to encourage residents to cleanup up their fireworks debris and to decrease the negative effects it can have on the community and the environment. It is the responsibility of those shooting off fireworks to clean up after themselves, and there are several reasons why it is important to do so.

Removing litter is essential to a clean and safe community. People are more likely to litter in an area that is already littered and not cared for. A few pieces of trash can lead to more litter, graffiti, illegal dumping and many other unsightly problems. Cleaning up fireworks debris is also part of being a good neighbor. Wind, water, traffic and animals can transport litter onto otherís property, and they will be stuck cleaning up after someone elseís mess.

In addition to its effect on communities, fireworks debris can also impact the natural environment. Left unattended, fireworks debris is washed down storm drains and into streams, rivers and lakes. Once in the environment the debris decreases the aesthetic value of an area and poses a risk to wildlife. Fireworks are made from several potentially harmful substances, including gunpowder and various metallic compounds. These substances can pollute air, water and soil.

Whether you are celebrating the 4th of July with friends and family at a neighborhood block party or heading to the City of Lincolnís annual Uncle Sam Jam, remember it is your responsibility to clean up after yourself when shooting off fireworks. By doing so you are keeping your community clean, being a good neighbor and supporting a healthy natural environment. This 4th of July start with a boom and end with a broom. Help keep Lincoln and Lancaster County clean.

Learn more by watching a KLLCB interview with the 10/11 News ďFirst at 4:00Ē program.

Read the City of Lincolnís press release on fireworks cleanup here.

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