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Have a cleaner business today! Have Employees do Litter Pickup!

H.E.L.P. (Have Employees do Litter Pickup) is a campaign that will enhance the image of your business. The H.E.L.P. Your Business Campaign's goal is to encourage businesses to keep their parking lots, adjacent sidewalks and street gutters free of litter, volunteer weeds and other debris. This can be accomplished by having an employee, or employees, work your property several times a day.

The first impression potential customers have of your business, and our community, is what it looks like on the outside. If customers see litter and other debris in the parking lot, along the curb or sidewalk, a negative image is created which can potentially result in lost business. It affects how Lincoln is viewed by others. A clean city is attractive and makes citizens and visitors feel welcome and safe and helps the communities economy.

Are you running a dirty business? Maybe not, however, the Keep Lincoln & Lancaster County Beautiful Program is promoting the "HELP Your Business Campaign" to encourage all business to Have Employees do Litter Pickup each day. By examining your operation to identify sources of litter and how it is handled you can help us insure that Lincoln and Lancaster County is a cleaner, safer place to live and work.

This LITTER REDUCTION LIST is a start for such an examination. Research has shown that a sizable percentage of litter comes from business and commercial sources. This check list is a simple tool to help you analyze possible litter sources and then take effective inexpensive steps to reduce them.


Litter Receptacles

Public Areas-Inside and Out

Loading and Unloading Platforms

Refuse Pug-Out Areas

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