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Inadequate Housing Maintenance

Inadequate Housing Maintenance

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Inadequately maintained housing may be in violation of the City's Quality of Life Ordinances. This includes buildings that fit some or all of these escriptions:
  • Boarded-up for over 6 months or left in a state of partial construction, building permit expired
  • Broken windows that are hazardous
  • Cracked, chipped, flaking, peeling or missing paint over 50% of any wall or building face
  • Unpainted and showing signs of dry rot, warping, or teermite infestation
  • Noticeable holes, breaks, gaps, loose or rotting boards or timber
  • Excessive peeling, rusting or other physical signs of decay
  • Yards with an accumulation of weeds, vegetation, junk, dead organic matter, or debris
  • Yards with dead or dying trees and limbs that are a health or safety risk
For Information about Penalties, Options:

To make a complaint about inadequately maintained housing, call the Neighborhood Hotline at 441-6300.

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