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Hazardous Vehicle


Hazardous Vehicle.
According to the Lincoln Municipal Code 8.02.010, the term "hazardous vehicle" shall mean any vehicle declared a health and safety hazard because the vehicle has been found to be: a potential breeding ground or harborage for mosquitoes, other insects or pests; a point of heavy growth of weeds over 12 inches; a collection for stagnant water; a point of concentration of gas or other flammable materials; a danger of falling over; a place in which garbage or refuse may collect within the vehicle: a source of danger for children; a potential source of contamination of the soil from petroleum products; or any similar conditions or circumstances which exposes the general public to a safety or health hazard.

Inoperable Vehicle.
The Lincoln Municipal Code 10.42.110 states that it shall be unlawful to allow any non-operating, wrecked, junked, or partially dismantled vehicle to remain on such property longer than 30 days.

Abandoned Vehicle.
According to the Lincoln Municipal Code 10.42.020 a motor vehicle shall be deemed to be an abandoned vehicle if left unattended with no number plates affixed for more than 6 hours on any public property or for more than 7 days on private property.

Definition of Vehicle.
The term "vehicle" shall mean any motor vehicle, trailer, cabin trailer, semi trailer, truck, motorcycle, passenger car, or mobile home. (Lincoln Municipal Code 8.02.010).


  • Remove or tow away

  • Store inside secure garage or similar enclosure

  • Make nonhazardous (see above)

  • Complete waiver form and return form to the Health Department.

THANK YOU for Your Cooperation

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