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You might have noticed a number used on Special Waste Inventory and Permit Application forms, as well as on other official correspondence, reports, and forms used by the Lincoln_Lancaster County Health Department (LLCHD). This number is called an "SIC Code." SIC stands for "Standard Industrial Classification."

The Standard Industrial Classification codes were developed by the President's Office of Management and Budget for use in organizing national economic data such as the Consumer Price Index and the Gross National Product. Since SIC codes cover the entire field of economic activities, many other groups and agencies have found the coding system useful. To reflect the changing structure of American industry, the codes are periodically revised. The latest revision occurred in 1987.

The SIC code is a four-digit code. The first digit defines the major business sector. These sectors include areas like agriculture, manufacturing, and retail trade. The second digit further defines the industry group, making identification more specific. The last two digits denote a facility's speciality within the sector and group.

For example, the SIC code for a gasoline service station is 5541. The first 5 stands for Retail Trade. The second 5 means "Automotive." The 41 specifies "Service Station."

The LLCHD uses the SIC codes assigned to businesses to better understand the kinds of businesses in our community. With this knowledge, we can tailor the service, information, and assistance we provide to better meet the specific needs of individuals businesses and business sectors. We can then provide educational opportunities and information pertinent to your operations.

A detailed description of all possible SIC codes has been published and is available in the reference section of most libraries. To make sure that we have the right SIC code for your business, simply ask the librarian for the "1987 Standard Industrial Classification Manual." Although some businesses might have operations that are described by several SIC codes, find the code that comes closest to describing your business as a whole. Then write down the four-digit code.

The SIC code can be a useful tool for getting appropriate information about your specific kind of business. In addition, many reporting forms and permit applications require them. Learning your SIC code can help us serve you better.

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