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Version 6 - Date: 06/30/2017


The City of Lincoln/Lancaster County has adopted geographic information system (GIS) technologies to store, manage and maintain geospatial-related data. The majority of the private engineering community utilizes computer aided design/drafting (CAD) tools for the creation of data such as subdivisions, water systems, storm drains, rights-of-way, pavement edges, etc. It is the goal of the City/County to expedite the review process by applying standards to the submittal of CAD and GIS data.

This document shall be considered the Standard for which contractors submitting data shall abide by. Data that does not adhere to these standards may be rejected by the City of Lincoln as inappropriate for use.

CAD\GIS Data Standards - Coordinate System

All geospatial data shall be submitted in the following Lancaster County Low-Distortion coordinate system, more defined as follows;

Transverse (UTM)
U.S. Survey Feet
Scale Factor:
Central Meridian:
-96 41 17
Projection Origin:
40 15 00
False Northing – meters:
False Easting – meters:
Vertical Datum:

CAD\GIS Data Standards - Format

Geospatial data shall be submitted in a format compatible with the City of Lincoln/Lancaster County’s GIS system. Acceptable formats are as follows;

  1. ESRI Geodatabases (file or personal)
  2. MicroStation .DGN (v8 and above)
  3. AutoCAD .DWG (Up to Version 2017)

CAD Layering/Level Standard Naming Convention

The Layer/Level Naming standards listed below are a subset of the City of Lincoln\Lancaster County CADD standard specific to the submittal of subdivision plats, located at -​city/​pworks/​engine/​dconst/​standard/​cadd/​pdf/level.pdf PDF.

Geodatabase Layer CAD Layer Names Color Weight Line­style
Type5_Subdivisions.​Type5Arcs SUB-​Subdivision 119 4 6
Type6_LotsUnits.​Type6Arcs SUB-Lot_​Line 201 1 0
Type6_LotsUnits.​Type6Arcs_R SUB-ROW 66 3 0
StreetCenterline SUB-Centerline 3 3 4
Type9_Encumbrances_​BlanketUtility.​Type9Arcs_BU SUB-Easement_​BlanketUtility 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​Conservation.​Type9Arcs_C SUB-Easement_​Conservation 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​Electric.​Type9Arcs_E SUB-Easement_​Electric 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​Flood.​Type9Arcs_F SUB-Easement_​Flood 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​IngressEgress.​Type9Arcs_IE SUB-Easement_​IngressEgress 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​SanitarySewer.​Type9Arcs_SS SUB-Easement_​SanitarySewer 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​StormWater.Type9Arcs_SW SUB-Easement_​StormWater 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​Utility.Type9Arcs_U SUB-Easement_​Utility 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​WasteWater.Type9Arcs_WW SUB-Easement_​WasteWater 192 1 1
Type9_Encumbrances_​WaterMain.Type9Arcs_WM SUB-Easement_​WaterMain 192 1 1
PointOfBeginning SUB-POB 78 2 0
Annotation Layer Names
SUB-Street_​Txt_Name 64 0 0
SUB-Subdivision_​Txt_Name 0 0 0
SUB-Subdivision_​Txt_Dim 0 0 0
SUB-BlockNumber_Txt 3 0 0
SUB-Lot_Txt_Number 68 0 0
SUB-Lot_Txt_Dim 0 0 0
SUB-Streets_Txt_​CurveData 0 0 0
SUB-Subdivision_Txt_​CurveData 0 0 0
SUB-Lot_Txt_CurveData 0 0 0
SUB-Easement_Txt 64 0 0

CAD File Submittal - Accuracy

All references to accuracy of the subdivision plat shall refer to the Lincoln Municipal Code, Chapter 26.19, as well as the County Zoning Regulations PDF.

CAD File Submittal - Supplemental Information

Line work Details;

All line work shall be represented by single part line segments consisting of a starting point, and an ending point only. Multiple vertex polylines are not allowed.

Point Details;

Included within the associated dataset will include a point representing the True Point of Beginning for the associated boundary. Said point shall include a minimum of X and Y values located in Lancaster County Grid coordinates as Feet, or as Latitude\Longitude. Z values can be added as an option.

Annotation Details;

Each segment included in the submittal shall be dimensioned to the 1/100th of a foot (X.XX’), and shall be denoted as either a Platted Distance or a Measured Distance. This shall be defined as placing a (M) for ‘measured’, or a (P) ‘platted’ behind the corresponding distance.

For example - 131.49’(P) 131.58’(M) or 131.50 (M&P)

Note: All Curve Data shall consist of information regarding any curve on a property, boundary, or centerline. Curve data shall include all of the following;

  1. Radius
  2. Angle
  3. Tangent
  4. Length
  5. Chord Distance
  6. Chord Bearing

All points must be stored as a “POINT” feature, or a “Block Reference” or a “Cell” with the insert point of the feature being the centroid.

CAD File Submittal - Template Files for Download

The followings files can be downloaded and used as templates;

All template downloads are in zip format.