Salt Creek Water Quality Studies
Site-Specific Chronic Ammonia Criteria Final Technical Report

April 3, 2000 (Original Date)
Revised June 16, 2000

Documents in PDF format unless otherwise noted. PDF

Manuscript 1 - Bio-Assessment Work (784 K)

The Response of Fish and Benthic Macroinvertebrates to Ammonia Toxicity in Salt Creek

Supporting Data Files

Spreadsheets (HTML format)

Plug Flow Data & Graphs (3.58 M)
Earlier work (1989 – 1995) geared for ammonia decay studies, heavy metals analyses, conductivity, chlorides, etc. in plug flow fashion above and below each treatment plant. Also contains graphs of results.
2-Hour vs. 4-Hour Total Ammonia Sampling (118 K)
Special sampling work done at each treatment plant 9/17/99 and 9/18/99 (ahead of in situ work) with 2-hr. vs. 4-hr. discreet sampling. Result: 4-hr. sampling adequate.
In Situ Results (15.7 M)
Covers all City generated in situ field and lab results for 9/21/1999 to 10/31/1999 for all sites: Conductivity, pH, Temperature, D.O.; Velocity/Flow Transect Work; Theresa Mixing Zone Investigation; Physical/Chemical Measurements; Transverse Cage array testing at Sites E & F; Lab Data Variability & QA/QC
In Situ Graphs A-D (1.2 M)
Contains graphs of grab samples and 4-Hr. discreet sampling of physical/chemical parameters in "in situ Results" spreadsheet for Sites A through D.
In Situ Graphs 8-I (5.76 M)
Contains graphs of grab samples and 4-Hr. discreet sampling of physical/chemical parameters in "in situ Results" spreadsheet for Sites 8 through I.
Regressions for Flow/Cond., Cond./Cl, Vel/Flow, and Downstream Ammonia (6.34 M)
Regressions for key parameters in "in situ Results" spreadsheet, plus in-stream ammonia prediction regressions.
Salt Creek Ammonia Model (13.6 M)
Mass balance/decay model for predicting instream ammonia concentrations.
Salt Creek in situ Air/Water Temperature Regressions (1.22 M)
Regressions for predicting water temperature based on air temperature for calculating biological endpoint correction factors.
In Situ Fish Data (5.62 M)
Fish mortality, biomass, growth, associated water chemistry, and data used for IC20 in situ endpoints.
Summary of WET Testing Results 1989 - 1999 (505 K)
Summary of WET testing to date for both treatment plants.
Salt Creek Low Flow Analysis (5.36 M)
Salt Creek low flow analyses for flows above Theresa St. Treatment Plant (7Q10, 30Q5, etc.) 1979-1980. Includes historic flow graphs.
USGS Rating Table (548 K)
Shows current USGS stage-discharge table for N. 27th St. Gauging Station; "variable shift" calibration records; and graph of apparent lowflow metering errors.
Mixing Zones (124 K)
Transects for flow, velocity, and conductivity for mixing zones below each treatment plant.


Site Photos - Summer Season (2.76 M)
Photos of each bio-assessment site for August, 1998 (summer season) bio-assessment.
Site Photos - Winter Season (2.56 M)
Photos of each bio-assessment site for February 2, 1999 (winter season) bioassessment.
Bio-Assessment - Habitat (1.93 M)
Map of Salt Creek watershed and selected photos showing representative habitat along Salt Creek from Wilderness Park to the confluence with the Platte River.
Bio-Assessment - Work (1.1 M)
Selected photos showing fish shocking, seining, and weighing/measurement work during a summer bio-assessment event.
In Situ Results (1.61 M)
Selected photos showing various activities during the September-October, 1999 in situ work.

Databases (available in CD Version Only)

In Situ Access 97
Access 97 version of database of all data contained in "in situ Results" spreadsheet, plus pre-defined queries for selecting data in each table.
In Situ Access 2000
Same as above, but in Access 2000 version.