About the Artist: Anna Alcalde

Anna Alcalde is a lifelong creative artist. It all began as a small child. Her artistic mother allowed her to observe her oil paint...only if she held her breath and didn't bump the table. Still in awe of breath-taking art, Anna, loves to create it, share it and teach it to future generations. It's the way life's supposed to be.

As an art teacher and graphic artist, Anna has participated in many community art projects, some which include but not limited to; Tabitha's Rock-tober, Friends of Pioneer Park Rain barrels, Cat House Fundraiser and Nebraska Girl Scouts ArtVenture. She currently co-owns Urban Legends Art Studio, located in University Area. Come join her in an Acrylic Fun 101 painting class where she will gladly share artistic secrets.

Learn more at www.urbanlegendsartclasses.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Let All Colors Run Together"

Multi-ethic children splash in subtle hues of "rainy" blues, white and purple. What kid doesn't love a summer rain? In their frenzy to splash, run, giggle and love, they pay no attention to their cultural differences... "Let All Colors run together" mostly depicted in tones of retro colors.