About the Artist: Ashley Pilant, "Ruby Bloom"

I grew up in the small town of Bennington, Nebraska. As a child I have always had a fascination with art. After high school, at the age of eighteen, I moved down to Lincoln and lived off of selling my artwork for the first six months. I have always created art as a hobby and am now hoping to turn it into a career. I love painting and drawing and use mainly watercolors, acrylics and oils. I love to bring ideas to life and love using other surfaces than just canvas. Besides doing tattoo designs and personal requests for individuals I am also a mother of a beautiful one year old girl, a full time bartender at Arnold's Tavern in Havelock, and am currently acquiring my degree from Southeast Community College.

For any personal artwork requests feel free to email me at apdesignslincoln@gmail.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Ruby Bloom"

"Ruby Bloom" is my interpretation of a mother nature. I also decided to go a different route and try a graffiti style to represent the two worlds meeting as the guardian of nature is depicted on a manmade object. I used bold solid colors and strong lines yet tried to soften it as a whole with my lacey patterned texture effects to again show contrast between the two. This barrel as a whole is a gift to my late grandmother Marialice Barrett whom passed just last year. She was a lover of all animals and plants. A bit of a mother nature herself. Her birthstone was a Ruby and she wore one on her finger as long as I can remember. She was also a lover of the arts and I like to think I inherited my creative genes from her. Here's to you grandma.