About the Artist: Cassandra Sitzman

My name is Cassandra Sitzman. I was raised in Ravenna, a small Nebraska town, and for as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed expressing myself artistically. I went to college at the University of Nebraska at Kearney and received my Bachelor's in Broadcasting with a Minor in Art. After college, I had not picked up a brush in quite some time. Then I met my sweet and supportive husband Jason and he encouraged me to start creating again. I started giving family and friends some of my original pieces as gifts and over the past couple of years it has developed into csitz.art, creating my own website, and painting customized pieces for clients. I have also had the privilege of donating my artwork to non-profit organizations, benefits and local fundraisers. I am very proud to be a part of the local art community and enjoy supporting other's with their creative endeavors. My husband and I have lived in Lincoln the past three years and enjoy taking our pups Joplin and Seger for walks, listening to records, and going to local music shows.

To learn more about Cassandra Sitzman, visit: www.csitzart.weebly.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Dancing Dragon"

I decided to create a vibrant Lunar Dragon that would dance around the barrel with delightful color and detail as it brings in the New Year. The dragon is symbolic of scaring away evil spirits of the past year to help ensure luck and prosperity throughout the coming year. My representation not only includes the celebration of a New Year, but the idea of hope and wonder, and the excitement of new beginnings. I want my design to be playful, original, and enjoyable for all ages and cultures.