About the Artist: Charon Becker

Charon Becker is a violinist, pedagogue, and artist in Lincoln, Nebraska. In 2005, she received her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. In 2006, she joined Lincoln's Symphony Orchestra. She has loved art and painting since a small child, and always dreamed of being a professional artist.

During the summer months, Charon enjoys gardening both flowers and vegetables. Anticipating another dry season, she has recently acquired three large rain barrels for her yard, and is working on a project to connect the three so they work as one unit.

Charon is currently working on a collection of abstract oil paintings, to be shown in January 2014.

She lives with her husband, Zachary Becker, and their dog and two cats.

Artwork Interpretation: "Water Is Life"

My husband served in the Peace Corps in Jamaica. Their national supplier of water uses the slogan "Water is life." When he told me this, I felt like the simplicity and power of these three words was a perfect concept for what a rain barrel stands for, and in combination with the idea that a rain barrel is simply a recycling device, I was able to develop an artistic vision for my design. By choosing to paint in my personal style of bright, vivid colors against a simple, black background, I hope the message of what a rain barrel stands for can be conveyed in a fun and artistically pleasing way.