About the Artist: Jane Brubaker

I have been interested in all forms of art while growing up. Drawing, painting, signs, calligraphy, sculpture and mold making are some of the art areas I've explored. In some of my past jobs I was able to use my art abilities at work. I was a commercial sign artist in Lincoln for 15 years, I have worked at Duncan Aviation painting on and inside of jet airplanes, I made sculptures and molds for Thunderstone cast concrete pours. Originally from Sioux Falls SD, I have lived in Lincoln for 32 years and I moved here because of the wonderful weather and exposure of the Arts and Music made available in this town. I also love to do gardening, custom sewing, jewelry making, furniture making/restoration, home/kitchen remodeling and other crafts.

A portfolio of many of my works is available at www.graficjane.webs.com

Artwork Interpretation: "Water falls for all"

Collecting Rainwater is so important for people who love to garden with flowers, plants or vegetables especially with the hot dry summers we have had. Our awareness of water resources belongs at the top of our list. All of life needs water to survive. We can take the opportunity to save it for personal uses and not waste it, if it is possible. There are options to using hazardous chemicals in gardening and I wish for others to realize the decline of the bee populations has been linked to agricultural pesticide use. Hopefully citizens and corporations can learn the value of keeping our rain water clean and uncontaminated from harmful chemical waste so that all other animals that regularly use it and drink from it won't get sick.